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* DEFINITION :  Direct Navigation (Type-in Traffic) is when consumers enter what they are looking for (products or services) DIRECTLY in browser’s address bar (after adding .COM) without taking the route of search engines. Direct Navigation leads your consumers directly to your website without having to see search results full of competitor pages.

IMPORTANT : Only descriptive domain names (and .COM) are useful in case of Direct Navigation. There is no other way of generating direct traffic to your website.  Take the test. Be sure, you don't have a Plan B. All our domains names are descriptive (.COM) thus enabling you to have the benefits of Direct Navigation. So, let's make good business.

For more information about Direct Navigation see this text below from Wikipedia.

"Direct navigation describes individual methods used to navigate the World Wide Web in order to arrive at specific websites. Direct navigation is a 10 year old term which is generally understood to include type in traffic.[1] Direct navigation traffic was discovered around 1996. The few lucky domainers who had premium names and analyzed their traffic found people were typing in their domain names and bypassing search engines. Many of them immediately realized the potential of these domain names. At that time the direct navigation segment of the World Wide Web was born. Domainers describe DIRECT NAVIGATION as an INTERNET USER NAVIGATING TO A WEBSITE DIRECTLY THROUGH THE BROWSER ADDRESS BAR. They BYPASS ONLINE SEARCH ENGINES BY TYPING A NAME LIKE "HOTELS" and ADDING ".COM". For that reason DIRECT NAVIGATION TRAFFIC IS MORE VALUABLE THAN SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC SINCE IT IS BETTER TARGETED.  Short words that describe large segments of a market are the   most valuable direct navigation names. Domainers call these e-names premium names and they have sold in the millions of dollars year after year since 1997. Marketers also include bookmarked traffic in the direct navigation group. Domainers do not consider bookmarked traffic as direct navigation since in most cases they do not involve a direct navigation premium domain name. A bookmark is made when an internet user actively adds a URL to their list of bookmarked pages. This is much different than using the browser address line to navigate to a premium domain name like Hence, the inclusion of bookmarked traffic is not included in the domainer's version of the direct navigation market. A 2005 study of Internet traffic by WebSideStory's StatMarket division revealed that direct navigation traffic such as  browser type in traffic, bookmarks of existing sites, and visits to existing, known website domain names converts into sales for advertisers at 4.23% of total visits compared to 2.3% for product and service related searches performed via the search box at search engines such as Google and Yahoo .


* DON’T LOSE MONEY / DON’T LOSE TRAFFIC :  Consumers always search for products and services, NOT SITES.  It is exactly for this reason that you should have domains with the EXACT names of your products and services. You have to buy Premium Dot Com Domains to swerve, to redirect thousands and thousands of clicks to your original site, thus adding value to your brand, products and services. Don’t lose customers and traffic to competitors.


* COMMERCIAL NEED / NO PLAN BYou need to buy a Premium Domain ( in English ) with extreme urgency to increase your business . There is no Plan B.


* WEB PRESENCE / DOMAIN IN ENGLISH :  Whatever your language, you will always need a Dot Com domain in English to sell your product in large quantities. Your web presence will only be definitively consolidated if you have a premium Dot Com domain in English to facilitate access to customers around the world and with different languages. You will be able to sell your products to the whole world and will redirect traffic to your original site.

                            Generic domains in English and DOT COM    :     Make your site an international business.  Your market is the world.

                            Domains dot net, org, info, mobi, tel,  . . .     :     Restrict and reduce business.


* COMMERCIAL FORCE :  A perfect domain is your first seller, your first commercial impression. The sale of any product begins only when a potential customer accesses your site. Your site will be known only if you have a descriptive dot dom domain with Direct Navigation to redirect the customer to your site.  Once again, we reiterate:  People always search for products and services, not sites. * 

Imagine a person looking for a “New Car” at Google bars. Then appear 3 good stores . 

Which of these 3 stores seems to be the market leader       


                         1st  site :  >  Good store / Bad domain for "New Car".

                       2nd site:               >  Good store / Bad domain for "New Car". 

                       3rd YOUR SITE:   >  Good store / Perfect, exact domain to sell "New Car”.


It is very easy to deduce that a person who is looking for “New Car” will access the third site. There is no doubt. The product is exactly the same (New Car) recorded in the memory and typed directly in the address bar of the browser.  It is also a Conditioned Visual Reflexus because of memory. This is a quick, SUBCONSCIOUS and automatic action. 

IMPORTANT:  Your Site/Store appears to be the main, the best, and the leading store in the New Car market. This is the extreme commercial force of a Descriptive Domain with Direct Navigation and the best possible way to get the most out of a Premium Dot Com Domain. 


* LEADING COMPANY / VERY IMPORTANTEvery company that has a domain with the EXACT name of its products and services is always considered the largest, most important, and the LEADING COMPANY of its own business segment. This is commercially very strong. This commercial image of leadership is very important to get new customers, negotiate with suppliers, intimidate competitors, negotiate with banks, communicating with the media, and consolidate market position.


See the following classic examples of Leading companies and their fantastic Premium Dot Com Domains (Descriptive  Domains  with  Direct  Navigation).

Current owner Premium Domain Final Price Year
Quinstreet Inc. INSURANCE.COM US$ 16.000.000,00 2009
Hotels GP LLC HOTELS.COM US$ 11.000.000,00 2001
Facebook Inc. FB.COM US$   8.500.000,00 2010
ATTN Diamonds DIAMONDS.COM US$   7.500.000,00 2006
Bodog Media SLOTS.COM US$   5.500.000,00 2010
Mansion Gilb. Inc. CASINO.COM US$   5.500.000,00 2003
Toys R  US TOYS.COM US$   5.100.000,00 2009
Theresia Luening WHISKY.COM US$   3.100.000,00 2014
Bank of America LOANS.COM US$   3.000.000,00 2000
One Technologies CREDITCHECK.COM  US$   3.000.000,00 2007
Current  Owner Premium  Domain Final  Price Year
CCRD Oper. Inc. CREDITCARDS.COM US$   2.750.000.00 2004
National A1 Ad. PIZZA.COM US$   2.680.000.00 2008
GDC Trading GAMBLING.COM US$   2.500.000.00 2011
Fusion Media INVESTING.COM US$   2.450.000.00 2012
Citibank Inc. MORTGAGE.COM US$   1.800.000.00 2000
Data Recovery DATARECOVERY.COM US$   1.650.000.00 2007
Solar Energy SOLARENERGY.COM US$   1.500.000.00 2008
NTT Global WEBSITES.COM US$      975.000.00 2015
CAT 5 Com. RUNNINGSHOES.COM US$      700.000.00 2011
DN Investment WIRELESSPHONE.COM  US$      355.000.00 2006

* DICTIONARY TEST “OK” :  Our domains are exclusively composed of real, absolute and exact words which exist in the dictionary. We do not create or invent “new words”. Our premium domains are generic names that clearly define products and services. Only real words (no typos) allow Direct Navigation and accurate traffic to sites.


* RADIO TEST “OK” / DOMAINS WITHOUT EXPLANATIONS / WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING :  Our domains are immediately understood and memorized as soon as they are heard for the first time on the radio, television, or phone. No explanation is required.

Consider the following example. Suppose you heard these two domains on the radio:


               1st  domain : -  Direct, clear, pure, exact, no explanations. Perfect domain for word of mouth marketing also. This clear and immediate memorization will direct thousands and thousands of visitors to your site.

                2nd domain :  PROBLEM .  In this case, it is necessary to explain that there is a dash between the words and that the extension is dot (.)net. It is a bad domain.


IMPORTANT: People generally do not memorize, and disapprove of this kind of explanation. The customer who is searching for New Car certainly will remember and will access and not (???).  If you are the owner of the first domain, this customer will be yours.


* BUSINESS VOLUME :  One of the strongest commercial characteristics of a premium domain is the great volume of business created around it through purchase, sale, distribution, commercial intermediation, brokerage, import, export, advertising, and e-commerce.

Only premium domains enable you to earn a lot of money in all these commercial segments.


* PROTECTION / HIGH PRICES / URGENT PURCHASE : The great and daily demand for Premium Dot Com Domains makes their prices go up day by day. BUY IMMEDIATELY a premium domain and protect your brand, your website, your virtual real estate. It is nice to remember: Every day dozens of websites are created to sell the same product (for example: flowers), but THERE IS ONLY ONE, ONLY ONE EXACT PREMIUM DOT COM DOMAIN ( to meet all these companies. Competitors search all the time for the best possible domain to consolidate their market presence. That means more competition full time—ONLY ONE PERFECT / ABSOLUTE DOMAIN ( Premium domains are increasingly expensive.


* URGENT SUGGESTION / INCREDIBLE FACT :  BUY NOW, IMMEDIATLY your descriptive domain with Direct Navigation before it is too late. A perfect domain for your business today may be in the hands of your competitor tomorrow. Avoid such a loss. Consider this incredible fact: We've lost a domain of about US$ 8.000.00 in sales because a competitor registered it 12 minutes before us. So we thought: The universe began about 13 billion years ago and we definitely missed an excellent premium domain for incredible 12 minutes. The disappointment and the financial loss were quite large .

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