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FOX DOMAINS works hard to ensure that all the customers have absolute and total satisfaction. This means 100% SATISFACTION and ZERO LOSS. Our objective is that every new customer becomes a faithful and permanent commercial partner in the future.

We will refund the FULL AMOUNT (FULL MONEY BACK) to all the customers who return their domains within a maximum of 45 DAYS from the transfer date.

                                                                                             T E R M S    T O    R E T U R N


* FULL MONEY BACK :   We will refund the FULL VALUE of purchase no additional cost .


* AUTOMATIC RETURN WITHOUT EXPLANATION, OBJECTION or NEGOTIATION :  You are not required to explain anything or negotiate the return.  JUST ASK and FILL OUT the form below.


 * NULLITY / REVOCATION :   We will not accept the return if the domain has been used to:

1) Create, promote, or transmit any kind of information that is unlawful, vulgar, abusive, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, offensive to others, or with racist, ethical and religious contents.

2) Create, promote, or transmit any kind of “junk e-mails”, “spam”, virus or any other way to limit or harm data transmission.

3) Create, promote, or transmit any material, content, or information that violates values, images, copyright, brands, trademarks, intellectual property, or rights of others.

4)  Any other reprehensible action that carries the commercial devaluation of the domain.

5)  FOX DOMAINS will cooperate with Legal Authorities and Internet Services if some user violates these Terms of Return .


* REGISTRARS :  All our domains are registered at 101DOMAIN.COM and MONIKER.COM.                  

ATTENTION :  The return will be possible only if the domains remain registered in 101DOMAIN.COM or MONIKER.COM.

101DOMAIN.COM and MONIKER.COM are ICANN accredited registrars and we have absolute confidence in them. Opening an account on 101DOMAIN.COM or MONIKER.COM is free, quick and easy.


* 45 DAYS PERIOD :  This 45-days period starts from the transfer date to the new account.

ATTENTION :  If the domain is transferred to another registrar, this return cannot be made.  According to ICANN rules, every domain must remain with the same registrar for a period of at least 60 days before a new transfer.


* MAXIMUM 3 DOMAINS.  We will refund up to a maximum of three domains per account. For example :  If you decided to return all the three domains at once we will immediately refund your FULL MONEY BACK after we have regained absolute control over these three domains on our original registrar.

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