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The access, use and all the procedures in this site are subject to the terms below. By using the website, you fully accept these terms.

1) SALES and OBLIGATION :  All domains listed here solely belong to FOX DOMAINS and these can be sold at any time to any person or company with immediate transfer of ownership. We sell only domain names. A buyer has exclusive rights to use and enjoy the domain but no images, content, hosting, or logos. No other rights will be transferred with the domain. The buyer will be required to register the acquired domain with any registrar in order to use and enjoy it, and to pay yearly renewal fees to the registrar. It will be the buyer’s responsibility as the new owner of the domain to keep its registration active.

2) COPYRIGHTS :  No content may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or copied without the copyright holder’s consent.

The newly purchased domain CAN NOT be used to:

*  Create, promote, or transmit any kind of information that is unlawful, vulgar, abusive, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, offensive to others, or with racist, ethical and religious contents.

*  Create, promote, or transmit any kind of “junk e-mails”, “spam”, virus or any other way to limit or harm data transmission.

*  Create, promote, or transmit any material, content, or information that violates values, images, copyright, brands, trademarks, intellectual property, or rights of others.

*  Any other reprehensible action that carries the commercial devaluation of the domain.

*  FOX DOMAINS will cooperate with Legal Authorities and Internet Services if some user violates these Terms of Return .


*  Any offer will be considered a SALE CONTRACT between the parties (FOX DOMAINS and BUYER) and a FIRM DETERMINATION to perform a serious transaction for the price mutually agreed upon.

* Offers will be valid for 10 days from the date of registration on our system.

* The buyer may change the bid amount at any time within that period of 10 days. NOTE: This new second offer does not restart a new waiting period. The final date will remain the same as that of the first bid.

* “BUY NOW” price is sovereign and absolute above other offers, deadlines, and ongoing negotiations. "BUY NOW" means WINNING OFFER. The domain will be absolutely sold, without competitor, and will involve immediate payment and immediate transfer to the buyer.

* Our "BUY NOW" prices are all very low and extremely competitive.  The "BUY NOW" prices are perfect to ensure the immediate ownership of the domain and avoid losing a domain to the other competitors.


* The buyer agrees with the Price, Terms of Use, and makes an offer .

* MINIMUM OFFER / RESERVE PRICE. This value is the lowest possible that we will accept for the domain.

* BUY NOW. Winning offer, without competitors. Immediate transfer to the buyer.

* If the offer is accepted, FOX DOMAINS will send to the buyer an e-mail providing the details about the transaction.

* Payment by PayPal : Maximum US$ 5,000.00
[A3] . We will send an e-mail reply to the buyer within 1 business day, with all the necessary next steps. After credit confirmation, we will immediately initiate the domain transfer.

* Offer by ESCROW.COM or BANK TRANSFER. We will send an e-mail reply to the buyer within one business day, with details about the next steps to successfully finalize the purchase. 

* Credit confirmation.  As soon as we receive the final credit in our account, we will immediately unlock the domain and will arrange the EPP CODE (Transfer Key) for the buyer to begin the ultimate transfer of ownership, rights, and liabilities of the purchased domain.

* DOMAIN TRANSFER. FOX DOMAINS will arrange the EPP CODE (Transfer Key) and send it by e-mail to the buyer. The next step is also simple and easy. The buyer will inform this EPP CODE (Transfer Key) to the
[A4]  preferred registrar and request the transfer. Under normal conditions, it takes about 5 business days.

* The buyer knows and agrees that any domain transfer must comply with ICANN.ORG policies and procedures.

6)  ABUSE   

FOX DOMAINS will deny any sale, service, communication or access to those who violate the current terms.


FOX DOMAINS shall not be liable for partial or total interruption of its services and operations arising from force majeure against its will and action.


FOX DOMAINS shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, incidental, or special relating to inability to use the site or services.

Any change in the current Terms of Use will be immediately published on the site and transmitted by e-mail to our customers.
If you have any question about our Terms of Use, contact us by form or send e-mail to

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